Our vision is to establish a gender just and violence-free society.

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To report any sexual harassment or assault incident. You can also report via the button below.

Who We Are

OVAH was founded by Modesta Joseph Msabila back in 2015 and it was known as OurCries Initiative, and the aim was to protect students from harassment in public transit from bus operators. In 2019, we changed our name to Our Voices Against Harassment (OVAH)  and revamped our organization to tackle the prominent issue of sexual abuse and sexual harassment that many girls and young women face in our communities.

OVAH created Mwajuma Simama, an animation series, and platform to educate Tanzanian society and lead conversations about sexual abuse and sexual harassment. In addition, we provide a web-based system where girls and young women who face sexual harassment from teachers, school staff, and even relatives and neighbors, can report and speak out about these incidents.

What we Do


Provide a Platform for victims to Speak up

In Tanzania, there is prominent issues of sexual abuse and harassment that many girls and young women face daily. As a girl or a woman, you deserve to be protected! End harassment today by raising your voice and reporting an incident that occurred to you .


Connect victims with Psychologists and Legal Practitioners

Girls need a safe space to speak up about these incidents and we are here to listen and give them the necessary support! We have partnered with the best psychologists and legal personnel in the country to assist with psychological help and legal assistance/advice for the victims and survivors of sexual harassment/assault.


Mwajuma Simama - Raising Awareness

Mwajuma Simama! aims at raising awareness about Sexual abuse and Sexual harassment that girls and women face in our societies and initiate conversations about taboo topics such as consent, rape, etc encourage the victims to speak up about these incidents.


Resources/Tools to help you Cope

Are you suffering from Post Traumatic Stress? Did you experience sexual abuse and harassment in the past and you want to heal? Download our resource to help you started on your healing journey!

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Let's Talk About It

OVAH aims to create a better society for girls & young women by raising awareness & educating society on important topics that affect girls’ and women’s lives such as sexual assault, consent, victim-blaming behavior etc. Every month, we host an in-person or virtual Let's Talk About It event to engage and have meaningful conversations with children and youths.


In-school Seminars

From August. 2021, OVAH plans to conduct in-school seminars in secondary schools to raise awareness about sexual harassment and also initiate conversations about taboo topics such as consent, rape, etc encourage the victims to speak up about these incidents.

Our Core Values

Youth-Led & Community

At Ovah, youth will always maintain the lead, direction, and authority because youths understand the issues that affect them the most. Our goal is to improve and build better communities where children’s and youths’ rights aren’t violated.

Service to Others

At Our Voices Against Harassment (OVAH) We serve others in smaller ways and bigger ones.  we are a truly committed and dedicated team that aims to establish a gender just and violence-free society in Tanzania.


Innovation and Impact

Our projects are innovative but with a focus on impact. We innovate projects that are viable and guarantee a true impact to those we serve.



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Let's Talk About It - Our Monthly Event

Join us for the next Talk About It Event, which will be streamed live on Instagram via our page @ovah_tanzania. We will be having a game-like discussion: What it is and what it is not: Sexual Harassment Version. Follow us and join us on August 7th at 5PM EAT to participate in this important discussion and share your perspectives on the subject. If you wish to get a reminder before the event starts, kindly fill the interest form and please share with your friends!

OurCries Legacy

OVAH visited schools and conducted seminars about students’ rights, road safety, and reminding the students to raise their voices and collectively speak up about injustices that they face.


What people say about Us

As a student, I have been a victim of these humiliations from drivers and conductors and I didn’t have anyone fighting for me, Even adults in the buses don’t do anything, they just watch as if it entertains. Thanks to OurCries team.


Raymond Benedict
Student at Jamhuri Secondary - Year 2017

Let's talk about it event was very good and it helped me realize about women's efforts to break free from patriarchy. I now think us men too should unite women in promoting equality in all aspects of society.

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Juma Maneno

Friends & Supporters


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