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Our vision is to establish a gender just and violence-free society.

To report any sexual harassment or assault incident, fill the form below or click the “speak up” button. You can also message us at +255 652 522 358 with the message “case report” and our call center will reach back to you!
Who we are

Who We Are

Our history started in 2015 when Modesta Joseph founded the OurCries Initiative to fight students harassment from bus operators on public transportation. The organization was revamped to Our Voices Against Harassment (OVAH) in 2019. The decision was made to protect and eradicate all forms of sexual violence facing girls and women in Tanzania. Moreover, to include other marginalized groups prone to face sexual harassment apart from school-going children, children, youths, and women; in all environments in Tanzania. Our Voices Against Harassment (OVAH) is a non-profit based in Tanzania dedicated to tackling sexual harassment and establishing a gender-just and violence-free nation. We provide a reporting platform through which girls and young women who have experienced sexual violence, such as sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, gender-based violence, and so on, can report in real-time, all from the tip of their fingers! OVAH runs a variety of Advocacy programs, including awareness and prevention workshops and seminars and Mwajuma Simama. This animation series educates Tanzanians and facilitates conversations about sexual abuse and harassment.

Do you want to be OVAH’s Ambassador?

The Ambassador Program emphasizes community participation by inviting other individuals passionate about gender equality, fighting sexual violence, and giving back to their community to contribute to our vision.


1 out of 3

Women have experienced physical or sexual violence


3 out of 10

Females reported experiencing sexual violence before they were 18.

Less than 50% of victims report these crimes.

What We Do

Advocacy and Raising Awareness

What we do: Mwajuma Simama - Raising Awareness

Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention Workshops

Participants in our Awareness and Prevention education workshops learn how to identify elements of sexual harassment, assault, and rape culture and how to identify and reduce risk factors, the concept of consent, and become change agents in their communities. OVAH provides these workshops to children, youth, and adults in secondary schools and universities, with plans to expand to workplaces shortly, where we raise awareness about sexual harassment and initiate conversations about sexual violence, consent, rape, and other issues, encouraging victims to speak up about these incidents.

Actions, Safety and Protection

What we do: Mwajuma Simama - Raising Awareness

Provide a Reporting Platform for victims to speak up

In Tanzania, there is a prominent sexual abuse and harassment issue that many girls and young women face daily. Girls need a safe space to speak up about these incidents, and we are here to listen and give them the necessary support!

Connect victims with Psychologists and Legal Practitioners

We collaborate with the best psychologists and legal personnel in the country to assist with psychological help and legal assistance/advice for the victims and survivors of sexual harassment/assault. All survivors of sexual assault, whether they were assaulted recently or in the distant past, are eligible for support. Everyone who seeks help and support from OVAH will be treated with respect. Our services are free, confidential, and open to the public.

What we do: Mwajuma Simama - Raising Awareness
What we do: Mwajuma Simama - Raising Awareness

Lobbying for a National Sexual Harassment Prevention Curriculum

We are currently developing a curriculum that will aid in the education and awareness of children and youths about sexual violence if implemented in Tanzanian primary and secondary schools. It can assist young people and schools in navigating matters of gender equity, consent, and assault.

Our Initiatives:

Mwajuma Simama Animation

Mwajuma Simama Animation revolves around the main character, Mwajuma, and her experiences with grooming, consent, sexual harassment, rape, victim-blaming, and other issues. The animation encourages victims to speak out about these incidents and urges society to create a better, violence-free environment for girls and women

Orange Table Series

Orange Table Series is a video podcast geared toward women. The video podcast features women and men allies working on women's empowerment, gender equality, economics and politics, and more. In addition, we highlight women's success stories and accomplishments to motivate and inspire future generations of girls and women. The mission of OVAH is to make the world a better place for girls and young women by raising awareness and educating the public about important issues affecting their lives.

Entrepreneurship and Business Skills Training

Above all, sexual violence is a manifestation of power dynamics. Because women frequently lack power, are in more vulnerable and insecure positions, and have been socialized to suffer in silence, they are far more likely than men to be victims of sexual harassment. OVAH plans to launch its first skills training and economic empowerment program in June 2022, where girls and women from various backgrounds will be immersed in entrepreneurship and soft skills for business training and will be able to start their businesses and be economically independent.

Our Core Values
Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Youth-Led & Community

At Ovah, youth will always maintain the lead, direction, and authority because youths understand the issues that affect them the most. Our goal is to improve and build better communities where children’s and youths’ rights aren’t violated.

Service to Others

At Our Voices Against Harassment (OVAH) We serve others in smaller ways and bigger ones. we are a truly committed and dedicated team that aims to establish a gender just and violence-free society in Tanzania.

Innovation and Impact

Our projects are innovative but with a focus on impact. We innovate projects that are viable and guarantee a true impact to those we serve.

Students reached via awareness and prevention workshops
Mwajuma Simama animation views across all social media and streaming platforms
As a student, I have been a victim of these humiliations from drivers and conductors and I didn't have anyone fighting for me, Even adults in the buses don’t do anything, they just watch as if it entertains. Thanks to OurCries team.
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Raymond Benedict

Student at Jamhuri Secondary -

Let's talk about it event was very good and it helped me realize about women's efforts to break free from patriarchy. I now think us men too should unite women in promoting equality in all aspects of society.
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Juma Maneno


OurCries Legacy

OVAH visited schools and conducted seminars about students’ rights, road safety, and reminding the students to raise their voices and collectively speak up about injustices that they face.

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About us

OVAH was founded by Modesta Joseph Msabila back in 2015 and it was known as OurCries Initiative, and the aim was to protect students from harassment in public transit from bus operators. In 2019, we changed our name to Our Voices Against Harassment (OVAH) and revamped our organization to tackle the prominent issue of sexual abuse and sexual harassment that many girls and young women face in our communities.

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